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Psychology 1101Lecture 1 Thursday September 8th2011Chapter 1 Thinking Critically with Psychology ScienceIntroductionPsychology is a Science where we study how people feel emotional process The scope of Psychology is evey aspect of human Life We use Psychology in Religion and politics We used it to sell the First Iraq war to the AmericansMind and Body we also use it for enemy Perception and landscape Even in acciendentsThe Human Error I The need for Psychological Science A WHY1 Limits of intuition this is Improtant but we cant relie on it to learn and understand the natural world An example is an isolated primative tribe living in the middle of a forest they will see the sun rise and set so their intution will tell them that the world is stationary and flat we know from science that the earth is rotating and it is NOT stationary flat 2 Limits of Common Sense We cant relie on Common sense eithier because common sense dose not percede knowledge Common sense is a result of LearningHindsight Biasthis just means the IknewItAllAlong after we saw the outcome and the end result after we get all the facts of the situation and you feel the endding is SO ovibious When not all the facts are known then it dosent seem so easy to forcast3 Over Confidence Our tendances isto overestimate how accurate our knowlegde is Their is a big gap between our confidence and our accurate we are Tetlock is a psychologist that studies what experts say about their studies and compare them with the end results theses experts are only correct less than 40 of the time because of overconfidence Procratsitantion is a result of Overconfidence4 llusory Correlation Is the relation between two variables when there is no relationship An example is it always rains when i wear yellow and also friday the 13th The cognative effect we have is that we pay more attention to what supports our llusory correlation Also our Memory recollection is only what supports your correlation so if it dosent rain when your wearing yellow you wont rember it 5 Perciving Oder in random Events If their is a unconfortablity in uncertainty so if i went to buy lottory tickets and there was a choice between ABCpeople would buy A more even though AB and C have equal proabilty B Scientific Attuide The Scientific Attuide consists of different charaterists that when put together gives you the right scientific attuide The first thing to have is Curiosty the hunger for learning the want to know the Where What Who and How the relation between the barrierso make a Continouse choice to be Curiose The Next thing to have is Open mindedness To be flxable in your thinking you must be able to consider other people could have vaild veiws Espeaically
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