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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Thinking Critically with Psychological Science

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University of Ottawa
Najwa Haddad

Chapter 1Thinking Critically with Psychological Science Introduction I The Need For Psychological Science II Types of Research Studies III Statistical Reasoning IV Frequently Asked Questions About Psychology Definition The science of behavior and mental processesI The Need For Psychological Science A WhyA1 Limits of IntuitionCan lead us to the wrong infoA2 Limits of Common SenseNever generates new infoThe result of learning and experienceI knew it all along phenomenonHindsight Bias A3 OverconfidenceOur tendency to overestimate how accurate our knowledge is Tetlock research who studies experts and their researchA4 Illusory CorrelationSee a relationship between 2 or more variables when there is no relationHave cognitive effects y Going to pay more attention to what supports your illusions and pay less attention to what doesnt y Going to remember what supports it more then what doesnt A5 Perceiving Order In Random EventsUncertainty and randomness scares usWe create meaning and order where there is none
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