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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGYIssueDetailsNatureHow do genetic inheritance and experience influence our behaviour Continuitystage Is development gradual continuous process or a sequence of separate stageStabilitychangeDo our early personalities traits persist through life or do we become different persons as we agePrenatal development and newbornHow over time did we come to be who we areConceptionSingle sperm penetrates the outer coating of the egg and fertilizes itThe stage of fetus developmentCompetent newbornInfants are born with reflexes that aid in survival including rooting reflex which helps them locate foodInfants born preferred to listen stare etc at certain things that will allow them to socialise Ex Hearing human voices and stare at facesOffspring cries are important signals for parents to provide nourishment in animals and humans such cries are quickly attended toInfancy and ChildhoodSpan from birth to the teenage years the individuals grows physically cognitively and sociallyStage SpanInfancyNewbornchildhoodTill adolescencePhysical Development Infant psychological development depends on their biological developmentTo understand the emergency of motor skills and memory we must understand the developing bodyAt birth most cells are presentAfter birth the neural network multiplies resulting in increased physical and mental development
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