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Myers 9th edition8 chapters1Chapter 4 Nature Nurture and Human Diversity2Chapter 5 Developing through the Life Span3Chapter 10 Intelligence4Chapter 12 Stress and Health5Chapter 13 Personality6Chapter 14 Psychological Disorders7Chapter 15 Therapies8Chapter 16 Social Psychology 4 Components 2 mid terms Feb 14th45 10 255March 22nd Chapter 12 and 13 14 527551 2551 final TBA Cumulative Based on book Text Bank 45 MCISPR 4Contact613 620 7488VRN 2017 by appointmentJanuary 8th 2013 Class 1Chapter 4Nature Nurture and Human DiversityI IntroductionWhat makes you you Born or made this way Nature or NurtureNature genes DNA hereditaryNurture anything and any everything other than components of natureWho we are is the result of nature and nurture Interaction between the two nature and nurture influence and affect each other II The Nature Component A Genes Our Biological BlueprintChromosomes 46 or 23 pairsHalf from mother and half of fathercarriers of genetic information carry it in the form of DNA moleculesDNA consists of thousands of genes the ones who provide the instructions segments of DNA One gene can be responsible for one trait for characteristic Gene Complex group of genes being responsible for a trait or characteristic Genes themselves consist of Nucleotides are the bio chemical basisAdenineGuanineThymine Cytosine always come in pairsATGCknown as the alphabet of life sequence of nucleotides that determine what a gene does and does not do if you change one letter in a sequence you will change what the gene doesAnalogies Chromosomes BooksGenes Words
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