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January 7 2013CHAPTER 4 NATURE NURTURE AND HUMAN DIVERSITYFive major sectionsI Introduction One of the most fundamental question What makes us who we are What makes youYou Are you born this way or made In other words Nature vs Nurture Nature genes DNA your genetic inheritance Nurture Anything and everything other than genes and DNA family you were raised inbeliefs culture peers religion diet evolution radiation pollution or learning environment Most psychologists that we are affected by both being born this way and we we learned this way to make what we areThere is an interaction between nature and nurture Example Child born with down syndrome but through nurture we can expand its mental capacities and ensure healthy life Or through neglect we can make it worse But nature controls how far you can go this child will never be a geniusA child is really intelligent but due to nurture there is no physical and menal development nurture controls natureII The Nature ComponentA Genes Our Biological BlueprintChromosomes 46 23 pairsdo not count sex genes Carry genetic information in the form of DNA moleculeDNA consists of number of different things including thousand of genesGenes are segment of DNA A gene is a basic unit of heredity They provide instructions that give and organize characteristics Ex blond hair blue eyes Sometimes a single gene can make a huge differenceMore often we have Gene Complexes Group of genes responsible for a characteristic trait or disease EX Obesity 2000 genes are responsibleNucleotides Biochemical bases4 A Adenine G Guanine TThymine and C CytosomeA paired with T and G with CThe Alphabet of Life Nucleotides are called the alphabet of life as it is the sequence of nucleotides determines what a genes does or not If you change one letter in the sequence you change what the gene doesAnalogy of Chromosomes BooksGenes WordsNucleotide LettersHuman Genome In year 2000 human genome was mapped that is whole sequences of human was discovered On average we have 3000 genes not sure about the number Every single person in the worlddisregarding race religion and gender they are 9999 similar to another Repartition of the 001 difference5 differences among raceswhy quotes for the word races95 differences within a race That is the biggest genetic difference is within arace and not between two races In 2004 a study was published in Nature Genetics Biologically meaningless concept rather social and cultural CauseRace does not exist Race is a biologically humanity began in Africa and they movedStandard concept of race ought to be abandonedWe share 50 genes with BANANA and 44 with fruit fliesB Evolutionary Psychology EPB1 What is EPIt is the newest and youngest approach to psychology It is based on the Theory of Evolution developed by DarwinThe main idea in this theory is that every organism on Earth has one main goal To survive and transmit its genes into the future But not every organism is going to survive they might dieThis is due the natural selection taking place only Survival of the fittestAn organism is considered to be fit to survive when the demands of the environment it lives in and its characteristics match The greater the match the more chances of surviveEx Fish vs Robert Pattison Both are underwater but Pattison does not have oxygen mask Fish will surviveits fit But on land Robert will surviveThey take the idea of Theory of evolution and use them to explain behaviourThey also explain what is Universal or common Psychologists depend on finding the common behaviour Most of us are afraid of spider snake and height According to EP any behaviour or trait that helped our ancestors survive are the behaviour or traits that modern humans show today Cause these traits helped them to survive According to EP if there is change in environmentthe organism has to adapt to surviveThe greatest ability of humans is the ability to adapt or adaptation Imagine you are dad with 3 sons who are 1 5 and 40 years You are in a boat and can save only one Which one According to EP you will save 5 year old Cause 1 year old may die and 40 year old is getting die going to dieB2 Application Sexuality According to surveys man think more about sex masturbate more and willing to sacrifice more for sex and take a friendly gesture as a sexual come on Also men are more into recreational sex than women According to research by Clark and Hatfield 1978 Study Avg looking men and women were told to go on campus and ask people they like to go to to bed with them The women were offended while majority of guys were enthusiastic According to EPtheoretical Both men and women have the same goal which is to survive and transmit their genes into future But due to biological differences they adapt different strategiesAccording to women they prefer relational sex while guys prefer recreational sex The women take 9months to reproduce cause they weight for a appropriate mate before reproducing According to EP the best strategy for man is to have as much sex as possible to ensure most reproduction
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