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Chapter 4

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Aparental developmentNurture begins long before we are born Part of nature is prenatal environment The baby in the womb is very well protected His protection is not 100percent environment stress influence the baby pollutionThus thousands of babies are born defected see ch5For twins whether fraternal or identical this environment might not be the same thus one baby can get better supply or protection For fraternal each have a placenta some identical share or have the same placenta Diff placentas thus different psychologically This shows importance of natureMarked for lifeEven if the babies look healthy they might not be nutrition can affect the organs and their function one of the causes for cancer or diabetes can be because of nutrition in the womb In the womb twins are aware of each other and they touch other purposely and they touch the other ones face and eyes they touch it gently At what point does socialisation occur Bexperience and brain development B1 experience facilitates brain development Experience or nurture is essential for proper brain developmentwe can be born as a very
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