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Chapter 5

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Lecture 2The Developing PersonChapter 51Developmental issuesDevelopmental ApproachoFocus is on change over time over life spanDevelopmental PsychologistsoMany areas of study over lifespanEg Physical social cognitive3 Issuesoi NatureNurtureoii Continuity vsstagesIs change characterized byContinuityoA gradual cumulative changeoA change in quantityoEg SkinnerStagesoA sequence of discontinuous and qualitative changesoEg Piaget Kohlberg EriksonoStage TheoriesHave a dominant theme to behaviors at each stageEach stage has qualitatively different behavioursAll children progress through same stages in same orderoIii Stability vs changeEg Does personality change over lifespan or remain stableResearchPersonality traits seem to stabilize in adulthoodCertain characteristics more stable than othersoEg TemperamentInnate traits are the most stable over time2The NewbornThe competent newbornoPerceptionReflexesInnate ResponsesUsed to indicate response to environmentEg Gaze time heart rate sucking rate head turningEg StudyUsing 2 sounds as stimulioOrienting responseIncreased heart rate so increased attentionoHabituation responseDecreased heart rate so decreased attentionHabituation is a decreased responding with repeated stimulationResultsoNewborns prefer sights and sounds that facilitate social responsivenessAuditoryoNewborns hear well and can
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