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What is Social Psychology pg 5Social psychology scientific study of the way in which peoples thoughts feelings and behaviours are influenced by the real or imagined presence of other peoplethe phenomenon of social influenceExPersuasion one person directly tries to change another persons behaviour direct attempts at persuasionattempt at direct social influenceExtends beyond behaviour to our thoughts and feelingsTakes on many forms ex Someones presenceSocial psychologists are interested in studying why our thoughts feelings and behaviours are shaped by the entire social environmentSocial Psychology Compared with Sociology p911Both disciplines are concerned with the influence of social and societal factors on human behaviourDifferencesLevel of analysis Social the individual in the context of a social situationEx To understand why people intentionally hurt each other focuses on the specific psychological processes that trigger aggression in specific situationsSociology would be more concerned with why a particular society produces different levels and types of aggression in its membersSociology concerned with broad societal factors that influence events in a societyFocus on social class social structure and situationssocial psychology studies individuals with emphasis on psychological processes going on in their hearts and mindsmajor difference sociology looks towards society at largesocial psychology looks at the psychology of the individualdifference in level of analysis reflects another difference between the disciplines what theyre trying to explainsocial psychology goal identify universal properties of human nature that make everyone susceptible to social influence regardless of social class or culture
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