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Ch. 15 – Variations in sexual behaviour  Sexual behaviors are the most criticized and examined human behaviours, even more so than violent behaviours. Scenario Normal Abnormal A couple enjoys An issue of personal experiments S&M role play preference. It is all using bondage and consensual activity. occasionally goes to private It is not interfering parties where they “play” with this daily lives. with other couples A women succeeds in Unusual sex training her cat to lick her object. It is illegal. vulva to orgasm. She does it An animal doesn’t when the opportunity have a voice and presents itself, when she is cannot express at home alone for example. consent. Unhygienic A man sits at his computer It’s compulsive; he masturbating for hours to has no control straight explicit, over it. It mainstream porn. When he interferes with his starts he cannot stop and daily life. often ends up neglecting some responsibilities at DSM IV sees it as work and at home (once OCD. forgetting his child at day care) EXAM Q. DO NO USE THE WORD NORMAL OR ABNORMAL  We should evaluate the three scenarios using these 6 criteria and NOT using the terms normal/abnormal  Is sexual behavior X Normal/abnormal?  IT DEPENDS! It is according to different approaches and philosophies.  There is no cumulative or additive value. 5 abnormal + 1 normal so it must be abnormal. NO ! you cannot do this.  There is some interplay between the different views but they are distinct enough to be  ***Alot of these change overtime. Ex: Homosexuality 1969 = not illegal anymore. Was no longer in DSM as of the 1973. o Interpretation of the texts changes slowly in regards to religious texts  Take home message that they change all of the time = it is relative in regards to time, culture, personal values, changes in point of reference (DSM, charter of rights etc..)  Bestiality  I’m horny, there is a cat, a cat has a hole. Opportunity presents itself, using the animal because it is available.  Zoophilia  here is my goat and she has a room in my house just for her, and we are in a relationship, our sex is mutual  Why animals and humans cannot procreate? Around the ova there is a gelatinous envelope. Sperm has an enzyme that will break it down, this enzyme is species specific 6 criteria to determine if a sexual behaviour is normal/abnormal 1) THE LAW 3) SOCIAL NORMS 5) PERSONAL *Criminal Code of Canada *Acceptable/unacceptable VALUES AND * Charter of Rights * Permitted/unpermitted PREFERENCES *Lawyer, judge *Tolerated/intolerable * Personal = *Ex: sex with minors * In the negative sense: individual * Illegal/Legal Bizarre, disgusting, * Egosyntonic/ *Against the law/in unappealing egodystonic accordance with the law * Expectations. Ex: Would (In harmony to one’s * Informed Consent. you expect someone to values or in conflict Without it you have a have sexual experience with one’s values) victim before getting married in * People will look at our society? some of these *Media: bidirectional, values. Does it give reflects society norms, but you pleasure or not also shapes sexual norms. (hedonic and Ex: unacceptable  anhedonic) acceptable Ex: modern *Satisfying/ family with the unsatisfying homosexual couple as *In love/not in love main characters and talk *Very personal about other things besides * Ex: some their sexuality (so it is notpedophiles see it as stereotypical) it goes with their * Who regulates the personal values and media: government ! beliefs, while others (subdivision of CRTC) don’t 2) MEDICAL 4) MORAL VALUES OF A 6) STATISTICS AUTHORITIES RELIGION * Common/ *DSM (all mental * Good/evil uncommon disorders, chapter with * Moral/immoral * Common = it is sexual disorders: 1) * Goes with or against the practiced by a sexual dysfunction, 2) “book” majority or by a Paraphilia (pedo, necro) * Sinful/virtue minority of people 3) Sexual (or gender?) *Against nature as god in a given identity intended it to be population. * Psychiatrists, * We are talking about *Refers to physicians, western culture percentages or psychologists, * Representative of the incidence. sexologists, therapists, church: priest, pastor * Ex: minority = * A lot of those *Bible swinging behaviours fall under *Qur’an * Ex: majority = psychopathology * Torah intercourse *Affects your quality of **These are sacred * Looking at life writings/texts difference *Healthy/unhealthy * Sexual behaviour in the populations *Hygienic/unhygienic sanctity of marriage, Majority of marriage between a man teenagers, minority and a woman for the sake of teenagers, of procreation is majority of women, virtuous/moral/good. minority of women ANYTHING outside of this * it is just about is tolerated to different numbers, they are degrees neutral, no * Sexual behaviour that is judgment. deemed immoral: Sex before marriage, outside of marriage, Blue = point of reference Diversity of Sexual Behaviours and Practices Atypical Variations in Sexual Behaviour  Definition: Statistically uncommon patterns of sexual arousal or behaviour. Also called unconventional sexual behaviour.  Terms such as deviant, abnormal, perversions, etc. imply a social, moral or medical judgment Paraphilia Behaviour • A diagnostic category used by the American Psychiatric Association to describe atypical patterns of sexual arousal or behaviour that become problematic in the eyes of the individual or society and are considered to be mental disorders. According to the APA’s DSM IV-TR (2000):  Paraphilia is defined as recurrent, intense, sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges or behaviours involving:  Most info we have is on men, because they have been caught by the law, a lot of social repercussions.  Nonhuman objects (Fetishism: shoes, leather, rubber, or undergarments); o Undergarments  the man is getting off by putting on the panties and seeing them on his body is sexually arousing (in transvestite fetish). Just caressing them against ones face during masturbation is a lot different. o Body part has potential for arousal, as opposed to the person attached to the body part  The suffering or humiliation of oneself or one’s partner (sexual sadism or masochism); o Trying to challenge this for next DSM o Consensual SBDM: detailed scenario of role play with an exchange of power. (for example by inflicting pain) Sadist vs masochist. Dominant and submissive. Top and Bottom. Master or Mistress / Slave or servant o Sadist and masochist will go over lists of things they like and do not like before hand. Limits are clearly established. Sadist enjoys planning a sequence of events that fall under submissive limits. So submissive actually has most control. Sadist also has limits of what they won’t do. o “Safe, sane and consensual”. Secret or safe word that lets dominant role that the way the scenario is being played out is no longer sexually arousing to them. (Usually not stop o
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