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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Perspectives on Sexuality

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Peggy Kleinplatz

Chapter 1 – Perspectives on Sexuality Sexual intelligence: sexual intelligence involves self- understanding, interpersonal sexual skills, scientific knowledge, and consideration of the cultural context of sexuality Diversity within the United States - People with more education masturbate more often than those less-educated - Oral/genital sex is most common among young college-educated whites and less common among African-Americans and individuals with less education - Acculturation: replacing traditional beliefs and behaviour patterns with those of the dominant subculture` Psychosocial: refers to a combination of psychological and social factors Cross-cultural perspectives - The Islamic Middle East o Did not believe in sex before marriage, but believed in plenty of sex after marriage and that husbands should be slow and delaying for their sexual wives o Allows husbands to have up to 4 wives, as long as he is equal to all o Fundamentalists are the ones against gays and lesbians - China o In ancient China, Taoism promoted sexual activity or all kinds o Men encouraged not to ejaculate a lot, women encourage to orgasm a lot o China took a turn with the new era: no pornography or prostitution, no sex before marriage, sex only once a week after marriage, no PDA including hand holding o Current times China has loosened up on sexuality Our cultural Legacy: Sex for procreation and rigid gender roles - Sex for procreation o In the past in N. America procreation was believed to be the only good reason for sex o Roman Catholics and pro-life organizations still believe this o Sex does not just mean intercourse (penile-vaginal penetration), it also means oral sex, anal sex, and all other foreplay that can lead to orgasm - Male and female gender roles in sexuality o Gender-role legacy is based many differences between the sexes o Women get labelled and negative attention for sleeping around then men do o Gender-role expectation can harm sexuality Sexuality in the Western World: A historical perspective - Judaic and Christian traditions o Judaism supported sex and thought of it as a physical and emotional experience o Christianity came along and associated sex with sin o Celibacy: historically defined as the state of being unmarried; currently define as not engaging in sexual behaviour - Sex as sinful o Lust was declared the original sin of Adam and Eve: sex should only happen within marriage for the purposes of procreation o Female subordination was declared intrinsic, making missionary with the man on top the only proper way - Eve versus Mary o Virgin Mary: was seen as an unattainable compassionate desire o Eve:
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