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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 - Sexuality during Childhood and Adolescence

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Peggy Kleinplatz

Chapter 12Sexuality during Childhood and Adolescence SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR DURING INFANCY AND CHILDHOODInfant SexualityThe capacity for sexual response is present from birthChildhood Sexuality Children who are deprived of having contact comfort being touched and held during the first months and years of life can have difficulty establishing intimate relationships later in lifeLevels of adult violence are low when nurture as kids and high when notChildhood Masturbation253 years manipulation of the genitals associated with adult masturbation occursChildhood Sex Play47 years sexual play with friends or siblingsActivities include o Exhibition and inspection of the genitals o Stimulating intercourse by rubbing genital regions togetherTHE PHYSICAL CHANGES OF ADOLESCENCEPuberty a period of rapid physical changes in early adolescence during which the reproductive organs mature o Hypothalamus plays a key rolebetween the ages of 814 the hypothalamus increases secretions that cause the pituitary gland to release larger amounts of hormones know as gonadotropins into the bloodstreamThe hormones stimulate activity in the gonads and are chemically identical in boys and girlsMales cause the testes to increase testosterone productionFemales cause the ovaries to produce elevated estrogen levelsSecondary sex characteristics the physical characteristics other than genital development that indicate sexual maturity such as body hair breasts and deepened voiceIn girls o Vaginal walls become thicker o Uterus becomes larger and more muscular o Vaginal pH changes from alkaline to acidic o Menstruation beginsmenarcheIn boys o Prostate gland and seminal vesicles increase o Typical ejaculation first occurs at 14 yearsSEXUAL BEHAVIOUR DURING ADOLESCENCEThe Sexual Double StandardDifferentiation between genders increases during adolescence
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