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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 - Sexuality and the Adult Years

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Peggy Kleinplatz

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Chapter 13 – Sexuality and the Adult Years SINGLE LIVING - Serial monogamy: moving through a succession of sexually exclusive relationships COHABITATION - Cohabitation: living together and having a sexual relationship without being married o Most common among adults in their mid 20’s o Usually a short term commitment - Domestic partnership: an unmarried couple living in the same household in a committed relationship o Applies to homosexual and heterosexual couples o Not legally married - Similarities and differences between cohabitation and marriage o Longer people cohabit without getting married, the greater the instability, unhappiness and lack of interaction the individuals experience in the relationship compared to married couples o Married couples: similar in education and race o Cohabiting couples: differ more in education and race o Cohabiting couples: more likely to cheat – due to lower investment in relationship - Impact of cohabitation before marriage o People who live together before marriage are more likely to have more difficulties in marriage and end up getting a divorce  Does not count for heterosexual couples where the women never had sex or lived with a man other than the one she married MARRIAGE - Provides several functions for society and individuals o Stable family units – children acquire knowledge about their society’s rules and morals through the teachings of their married parents or kinship groups o Economic partnership that integrates child rearing, performance of household tasks and earning an income into one family unit o Defines inheritance rights to family property Marriage in Current Collectivist and Individualist Cultures - Collectivist cultures: emphasize group or collective, goals over individual aspirations ex. Asia o Marriages usually arranged - Individualist cultures: stress individual desires and goals over family interests ex. Canada o Emphasis placed on love Polygamy - Polygamy: marriage between one man and several women - Collectivist cultures – more likely to practice polygamy - Polyandry: unions between one woman and several men Matriarchal society: a society in which women carry the family name through the generations, and women govern the economic and social affairs of the community Interracial Marriage - Miscegenation: sex between members of different races, whether or not the people are married – use to be illegal until 1967 Predicting Marital Satisfaction
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