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Public Administration
Joseph Roman

Sept 18September1113325 PMTony Boivard and Elke Lffler The Changing Context of Public Policy in Public Management and Governance eds Tony Boivard and Elke Lffler London Routledge 2003 pp 1323 ObjectivesRecent changes in the context of public policyUnderstand the major paradigm shifts in public policy making in recent decadesUnderstand the changing role of politics in public policy Due to budget deficits motive for sector reform then new pressures and challenges emerged consisting of internal and external factorsoPushed public sector in different direction to the managerial reforms of the 1980s and 1990s reemphasized the role of politiciansRecent changes in the context of public policyPolicies have spending implications if money becomes scarce policy makers have less space to manoeuvreoPuts pressure on public organizations to become efficient previous fiscal crises have triggered public sector reformsBut money situation imiproved and financial imperative for public sector reforms became weajer but still thought should be maintained in economic and efficient wayoPressure on governments about external and internal factor
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