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Sept 30Oct 7September1113325 PMThinking Government ch 3 4 10 CHAPTER 3 Instituitons of GovernanceEnsure ultimate responsibility borne by democratically elected representatives of the peopleMinistry collective enterprising of pm cabinet ministers and ministers of state without portfoliosoProvide leadership to the deferal government and canadian peopleoPerform following tasks strategic prority setting making and implementing programs direction and policies creation of accountability structuresoPrime minister primus inter paresfirst among equalsoCabinet executive commiteeoGovernment departments senior managementofficialsoCabinet committees and central agencies Political ExecutiveMade up of the prime minister and cabinet central decision making body of federal statePrime minister most influential so analysis of government relies on the composition and exercise of prime ministerial authorityResponsibilities of executive institutions nowhere cofided with constitutionoFormal executive power in and over canada is vested by the queen and exercised by the govenor general who with the help of privy council whose advice must be taken as orders aids and advises those dutiesPrivy council advisory council with respect to exercising the power of the federal governmentprime minister first among equals appointed right honourable by governor and his cabinet of senior ministersCan appoint privy council members that assist senior members junior ministersNot full members of cabinet or in meetings part of government ministryAppointments made from ranks of party in command of the house of commonsmore executive than governor lifetime membership become ministers of the crownEach responsible for the leadership and oversight of a department portfolioPrime MinisteroRules the cabinetoLeading the governing party
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