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Public Administration
Frank Ohemeng

PAP2300 READINGS 1Inwood Chapter 1 The Nature of Public AdministrationDefinition field of acedemic study derived form several disciplines political science business administration sociology psychology law and economics and a set of administrative practices and institutional arrangements geared toward providing public services and regulations through the public bureaucracyWoodrow Wilsonargued that political scientists had ignored the fundamental question of how governments are administeredadvocated focusing on personnel organization and management of the public sector in the interest of greater efficiency and economyPublic Administration and Democratic GovernmentPolitics administration dichotomy divison of labour between those who make the decisions and those who carry out the decision makers wishes bureaucratsReflects the notion that politics is about deciding what government should do while administration is about how to do it should be clearly defined responsibilities that differentiate their rolesHard to balance relationship once thought public servants to be hands on but bureaucracy usurped too much powerCommon debate about efficacy versus democracyoReducing government and public sector may save money but would decrease public representation centralizing power reduce democratic quality leave citizens with fewer avenues through which to force the government to explain itselfBureaucracyJob is to satisfy the needs and wants of the citizenOrganizational form for the private sectorMade up of the following all of which affect the type and quality of public administration we getoPersonnel employeesoFormal rules to ensure that all regulations are fairly enforced due to the special requirement of accountability in public bureaucraciesBuildup comes at the expense of efficiency which may conflict with the values of democracy through accountabilityoPolicy instruments services are provided and regulations enforced by this ex Laws regulations Crown corp taxesoConventions of behaviour treats citizens equally when developing their own way of doing things as if there were one right wayoInstitutions complex of government ministries and departments regulatory bodies Crown corporations special operating agencies and other institutions responsible for translating the will of the people into actionComparing Public and Private SectorsLines blurred publicbusiness like footing using more business like techniques theories and methods more contracting out to private and servicesDistinguish them between1Mandate and goals opublic geared toward the provision of public services not the bottom lineoPrivate dedicated to the pursuit of private profitTemporal difference government managers work in short time frames difference in duration of service public short private longGoal measurement Public sector manager faces multiple or contradictory ends sought by governments impossible goal measurements public straight forwardHuman resource management more complicated to hire or fire from public merit principle time consuming extra steps fewer requirements in privateEquity and efficiency concerns public emphasize equity private oriented toward efficieny and competitivenessPublic sector more open towards scrutiny attention and mediaProvision of public goods goods provided for the benefit of all members of society some services unprofitable with intangible value but must be providedAccountability public faces standards not present in private guardians of public funds entrusted to them for delivering programs and services and must be available for public scrutiny paper trail many eyes kept on public
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