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Public Administration
Frank Ohemeng

PAP2300 READING 4Inwood Chapters 5Factors Influencing Organizational Structure1Capitalist democracyCombines capitalist relations of production with democratic electoral intitutions that shape public administration organizational life must conform to this systemOrganization of government must meet needs of property holding capitalists by creating conditions of profitability but must be balanced against the interests of others in the system ethicState structures are created to defend right to private property act in interests of the capitalistsBusiness interests defended through the structures of the state and the will of the majority must prevailMust respond to the democratically expressed will of ordinary citizens since majority arent capitalists2FederalismConstitutional authority to make laws is divided between national government and regional governmentsNational or regional governments acting together have the authority to alter the power of the other level of governmentResponsibilities complicated by ambiguous language of constitution and overlapping nature of issues confronting modern governments so both levels set up administrative organizations in the same areas of jurisdiction also reflects federal flexibility ex Health care provincial responsibility but both levels have health ministryGolden rule he who has the gold makes the rules spending powerFiscal imbalance regionalprovincial has most expensive policy areas but lack fiscal capacity federal has fiscal resources but lacks constitutional jurisdiction in most expensive policy areasFederal provincial diplomacy regular meetings between federal and provincial ministers3Cabinet parliamentary GovernmentFeatures
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