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Public Administration
Frank Ohemeng

PAP2300 READING 2Inwood Chapter 2 Public Administration and DemocracyPower Politics and Public AdministrationPolitics about poweroConflict cooperation and competition of scarce goods and servicesoCore designate the arbiter over the division of goods and have authority to exercise power and make decisions on behalf of members of societyoDefined as the ability to authorize influence or coerce behaviour by virtue of legal position status or use of forceMaz Weber authority derived from 3 sources of legitimacyoTraditional charismatic legal rational most popularoHow will they rule leaders could justify their actions in traditional and charismatic systems by stating under legal rational arbitrariness is reduced by features of rules of accountability and rule of the law no ones aboveDavid Easton politics is the authoritative allocation of valuesoAuthoritative refers to the idea that there must be a legitimate authority who can make decisions on behalf of society which values prevailHarold Laswell politics is about who gets what and howKarl Marx political power is the organized power of one class for opresiong anotheroDefinition of politics has them of powerPolitics is different than other forms of conflict resolution and cooperation issues have public nature and public authority is used to settle themWhat is DemocracyContested concept not always agreementGreek culture government by manyththTown halls in 17 and 18 centureies direct democracyBoth have core notion of equality all citizens are equal but equality is elusive1Direct Democracy
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