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University of Ottawa
Public Administration
Roger Rickwood

WEEK 12March2014532 PM Inwood 258294 Civil service act 1908 civil service commission 1908 drive towards professionalization of public service and reinforced independence of public service from political interference now public service commissionMiddle 20th century public service plays active role in emergence of welfare stateProvided technical managerial and professional capability to mobilize resources1940s50s Mandarins influence professionalizing public service pg 262New attitudes that public srevice should resemble society reform of HR affirmative action employmentpay equity1950s60s state assuming larger role in economy management and day to day lives of citizensPost war years saw massive expansion of government in response to society and technological change so new professional technical and managerial careers were needed taken care of by Glassco commission1960s70s issues of language training biligualism unionization etcPublic service todayJob categorization undergoing reformoCalassification modernization program public service modernization actPurposes of act pg 272 shifts responsibility for HR management away from central agencies into the hands of deputy heads and
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