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Public Administration
Roger Rickwood

WEEK 13March2014535 PM Inwood 338358 public administration and ethicsEthical dilemmas in the public serviceEthics issue newAs public service grew chains of command lengthened and loosened making room for new interpretations of what constituted ethical behaviouroBegan looking more at ethical and moral behaviours and ways to evaluate it ethics commissionersoEx office of values and ethics promote values and ethics responsible for conflict of interest develping internal disclosure policyNPM created new orientation towards ethicsoTrends towards partnering and contracting out mean that value systems are bumping against each otherEthics important because promotes trust and efficacy since guardians of public interestoPublic interest underscores the expectaton of ethical behaviourDilemmasoconcept of public interest set to guide servants ambiguousoGuidelines for every decision impossibleoLaws and regulations vague and left to interpret what politicians meantcalled into quesiton who was really in chargeoMoral behaviour in organizations requires individuals to assume objective perspective and separate biased interests from interest of those were serving complicated because were all biased
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