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University of Ottawa
Public Administration
Roger Rickwood

WEEK 9March1714756 PM Inwood CH 7 Public PolicyDefinition set of interrelated decisions taken by political actor or group of actors concerning the selection of foals and the means of achieving themEx struck down abortion law violated sections of the constitution decided to do nothing declined to overrule redraft or reintroduce the law Models and theoriesMicro levelLevel of the individual rational comprehensive public choice incremental mixed scanning garbage can interpretive modelsoInfluences in decision making demographic geographic multicultural current distribution of power Canadian ideas and attitudesRational comprehensive theoryoProcess List goals values etc and consider alternatives while weighing consequences pros and cons and compare alternativesoEverything has a rational solutionoWeberian perspective suggests policy making is a rational logical processoCriticisms problems arent always definedUnrealistic scenario of unlimited time and resourcesPersonal biases and interestsExcludes modes of rationality because based on narrow western traditionNon western traditions use decision making process that rely less on rationalistic traditionsPublicrational choiceoProcess Rational solution list goals and rank by importance choose one that maximizes goalsoInfluenced by classical liberal economic theoryoIndividuals are rational self interested utility maximizing creaturesoFulfillment only halted by lack of resources and constant competition of others wantsoMakes rational calculations based on self interest as to how to get things we want need and desireoProblemsAssumes view of humannature not universally accepted people are always inward lookingUnlikely for anyone to be this rationalLack of attention to context leaves out preference formationCant deal with changeIncrementaloCan only work within a constrained set of circumstances and consider only some alternativesCant cast net broadly begin by looking for solutions that require minimal change from status quo
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