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Chapter 1

Sociology - Chapter 1 Condensed (Textbook and Class Notes)

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Adolphine Y.Aggor- Boateng

SOCIOLOGYChapter 1 Sociology The systematic study of human society and social interaction Sociologists study human societies and their social interactions in order to develop theories of how behaviour is shaped by group life and how on the other hand group life is affected by individuals The Sociological ImaginationPersonal trouble Private troubles of individuals ex being unemployedPublic issue matters beyond an individuals own control that are caused by problems originating at the societal level ex widespread unemployment due to the economySociety a large social grouping that shares the same geographical territory and is subject to the same political authority and dominant culture expectations Global interdependence a relationship in which the lives of all people are intertwined closely and any one nations problems are part of a larger global problem The Global ElementHighincome or developed countries those with highly industrialized economies technologically advanced industrial administrative and service occupations and relatively high levels of national and per person income ex Canada JapanMiddleincome countries those with industrializing economies particularly in urban areas and moderate levels of middleincome ex Brazil and MexicoLowincome countries primarily agrarian nations with little industrialization and low levels of national and personal income ex Some places in Africa and Asia Race groups of people distinguished by physical characteristics such as skin colour Ethnicity a cultural heritage or identity of a group and is based on factors such as a language or country of origin Class a relative location of a person or group within a larger society based on wealth power prestige or other valued resourcesSex the biological and anatomical differences between females and males Gender the meanings beliefs and practices associated with sex differencesIndustrialization Changes of means of production or how people make a living when societies are transformed from dependence on agriculture and handmade products to an emphasis on manufacturing and related industries Urbanization Movement from the rural to the urban environments
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