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Week 1 - Readings

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Joseph Sawan

Week 1 – Lecture 1 and 2: Introduction to Social Movements Chapter 1: Introduction The Origins of the Social Movement - Repertoire of collective action: the idea that limited forms of protest are familiar during a given time o Using the repertoire of tactics available, activists engage in claim-making performance in interactions with targets - Repertoires and performance evolve over time ‘through incremental transformation in use - Charivari: a traditional form of collective action directed towards individuals who has transgressed community norms, such as a married man who got a single women pregnant - Nineteenth-century abolition movement was one of the first social movements to use boycotting and mass petitioning as tactics Defining Social Movements - Sustained: in that they consist of multiple campaigns or at least multiple episode of collective action within a single campaign - Interactions: among movement actors, their targets, the public and other relevant actors o The targets are often government authorities, but may also be other types of authorities such as business owners or religious leaders - Professionalized: movements may become professionalized in the sense that they include fairly stable organizations, often headed by paid leaders and may have memberships consisting largely of financial contributors, or paper members rather than activis
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