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Chapter Article: Dating

SOC2109 Chapter Article: Dating: SOC2109- Article Summary 2

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Sam Alvaro

Article 1: The Dating Game: Similarities and Differences in Dating Scripts among College Students 2 studies to measure the “typical date” 1. Qualitative 2. Quantitative -Results: were highly consistent across methods, showing many similarities across the three dating scenes presented (initiation/meeting, date activities, and date outcomes/conclusions) -Consistent with the traditional view of dating, greater expectations for limiting of sexual activities were found to be the responsibility of women -Further explored to focus on the effects of prior sexual experiences, college experience and membership in a gree social organisation (study 2) Simon and Gagnon -proposed that in society there are cultural scenarios that guide “Collective life” -Scripted cultural event is dating -Man: is typically described as the initiator of the date, the planner and the economic provider; initiate sexual interactions -Women: is seen as the emotional facilitator; limit sexual interactions Most psychological research interested in dating has focused on the topic of if and how these roles play out in the dating process -The first date -A typical date -A bad date -Sexual assault in dating Participants are quite knowledgeable about opposite gender scripts Rose and Frieze Study -First year students described an actual first date -Women and men listed “ask for another date” -but men only listed “initiate sexual contact” Laner and Ventrone -found an expectation for sexual contact and some listing of relationship development (setting up another date) -Men were found to be the initiatory of sexual contact -It is important to evaluate whether college men and women enter the dating situation with the same set of expectations whether or not the timing of expected date activities are synchronous. Finally it would be expected that other factors besides fender shape these dating expectations Study 1: looking at men’s and women’s dating scripts for a typical date -Respondents were given dating scenes and were asked to report what activities and events usually occurred in these scenes on a typical date -First/Third and fourth year students were recruited -Alcohol-related context on dating was examined -Prior research has shown that when individuals are drinking they are perceived to behave more sexually Abbey and Harnish: - found that drinking among mixed-sex dyads was perceived to be appropriate and that is situation was perceived as sexually charged -The most popular place to meet potential dating partners in college is at parties where alcohol consumption is encouraged Study 1: Hypotheses -Women were expected to: -Include more references to relationship development -Include more references to limiting sexual advances -Men were expected to: -include more references to sexual activities (including petting and sexual intercourse) than women -Third and fourth year students were expected to include more sexual events -Grade year by sex differen
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