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Chapter Article 1

SOC2109 Chapter Article 1: SOC2109 Article Summary

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Sam Alvaro

Article Sumary: The nature of social psychology and its place in the curriculum or sociology and the social and natural sciences -Several perspectives how and why social psychology is fundamentally important 1. perspective or any curriculum of study of human behaviour and social life 2. Perspective of the disciplines of psychology and especially sociology 3. Perspective of an individual student 4. Perspective of our larger society Argument: is that social psychology is an interdisciplinary field formed by the intersection of two of the three basic sciences of human behaviour and social life- psychology and sociology -a social psychological perspective is essential to understanding the phenomena and problems of individual and social life -ultimate justification and utility of social psychology (or any social science) as a field of study and inquiry is its ability to enhance our insight into and understanding of concrete and consequential individual and social phenomena or problems -Broad and integrative The central place of social psychology in sociology, psychology and the (biopsychosocial sciences -a number of the social forces that contributed to the growth and development of social psychology and related social sciences in the halcyon decades are reemerging as we enter the last decade of the twentieth century - growing populations of students in primary and secondary schools - as well as post secondary education -increased interest in the social sciences among students -increased concern with the social bases and potential social solutions of a wide range of personal and social problems -education is a problem: not enough research and teaching aids The st
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