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Textbook Notes for SOC 3116 at University of Ottawa (UOTTAWA)

UOTTAWASOC 3116Tonio SadikFall

SOC 3116 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-3: Darpa, Transmission Control Protocol, Web 2.0

OC45464217 Page
23 Apr 2015
Media companies that own internet companies, and television shows with complementary websites. Impartial: digital information carried across networks i
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SOC 3116 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Old Media, New Media, Peer Pressure

OC3193433 Page
21 Oct 2015
Look at the broader structure of technologies the car, not just how it"s used individually, but the overall impact, the infrastructure that has come wi
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UOTTAWASOC 3116Tonio SadikSummer

SOC 3116 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7 : Creative Industries, Bombardier Innovia Metro, Creative Class

OC15235464 Page
1 Aug 2018
Industrialization of creativity, something that was not initiated by new digital new media- mechanical reproduction of works of art famously preoccupie
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