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Chapter 6

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Kenneth Derry

Primate Classification Strepsirhini Haprlorhini • Rhinarium moist, hairless pad at the end of the nose seen in most mammalian species Tarsiers • 5 recognized species • Nocturnal Lemurs • Found only in Madagascar and adjacent islands • From tropical forests to backyard gardens • Both large and small • Stable pair bonds • Most are arboreal, but, some are terrestrial • Enormous eyes, dominate much of the face • Can rotate heads 180 degrees o Some arboreal are quadrupeds and some are vertical clingers Anthropoids Monkeys, Apes and Humans Lorises • Larger body size and brain size • Somewhat resemble Lemurs • Reduced reliance on smell, increased on vision • Survive in mainland by becoming nocturnal • Greater degree of colour vision, back of eye socket • At least 8 loris species protected by bony plate • Locomotion in some is slow, cautious climbing • Blood supply different (quadrupedalism) • Fusion of two sides of mandible at the midline to form • Females leave young in nests while they search for one bone food • More generalized dentition • Differenced in female reproductive anatomy • Longer gestation and maturation periods • Increased parental care, more mutual grooming  New World Monkeys o Smallest of all monkeys o Exclusively arboreal, owl monkey is diurnal o Claws instead of nails o Give birth to twins  Old World Monkey o Increased period of infant development and o most widely distributed primates dependency o Cercopithecidae o Apes o Taxonomic category of Old World Monkeys  Gibbons and Siamangs o Divided into two categories • Smallest of the apes  Cercopithecines • Adaptations to feeding while • Baboons, macaques, and hanging out of branche
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