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Victor Barac

Linguistic Reading #1 summary -Title of the reading: A theory of marks and mind: the effect of notational systems on hominid brain evolution and child development with an emphasis on exchanges between mothers and children  Humans are the only species who use marks to think  A model of human language required a theory of meaningful marks  A theory of marks identifies children’s scribbles as significant behavior, while hyphothesizing the importance of rotational systems to hominid brain evolution  It is marked based rather than a predominantly speech-based theory of the human brain,language, and consciousness emerges  Combined research in anthropology,primatology,art history,neurology,child development,gender studies,and literacy suggests the importance of mother/child interactions around marks and sounds to the development of an expressive,communicative,symbolic human brain.  An understanding of human language is enriched by identifiying marks carved on bone 1.9 million years ago as observational lunar calendar-keeping, pushing proto-literacy back dramatically.  Neurologically, children recapitulate the meaningful marks of early hominins when they scribble and draw, reminding us that literacy belongs to humankind’s earliest history. Even more than speech, such meaningful mar
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