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Chapter 4

Richard B. Lee Chapter 4 Notes

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Rhonda Mc Ewen

ANT102 Lecture 6 Reading Lee 4Lee Chapter 4 Subsistence Foraging For A Living Page 43Vegetable food mainstay of their diet not meatPlants foods locally available predictableWild game are scarce and unpredictable Page 44 Gathering and CarryingJuhoan women highly skilled at distinguishing useful from nonuseful or dangerous plants and finding and bringing home sufficient quantities Digging stick used in gatheringUsed to dig out roots and bulbsUsed in hunting to dig out burrowing mammalsDig out waterbearing rootsCarrying device to transport large roots impaled or suspended from it with twineRemaining nonroot 75 of vegetable diet Fruits nuts no special gathering tools are used Carrying involves use of several multipurpose containers and an elaborate body of knowledge Page 45The kaross womans kaross chikan onepiece combination garmentcumcarrying and sleeping blanket Page 46Leather bags both males and females wear small handbags over shoulder and under armpit for keeping handy tobacco tiremaking kits sewing material and other itemslarge bags called tausiBaby sling Page 47Carrying net knotted net called wisi lined with long grass and used to carry nuts and berriesCarrying yoke garo made from rough wooden branch full bags nets bundles of meat and haunches of freshly killed game Essence of Juhoan adaptation is mobility daily diet consists mostly of hundreds of small nuts berriesroots
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