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Chapter 5

Richard B. Lee Chapter 5 Reading Notes

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Rhonda Mc Ewen

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ANT102 Textbook ReadingLee Ch 5Lee Chapter 5 Kinship and Social Organization Page 66Ju lived in camps of 1030 individualsComposition of camps change from month to monthCamps consists of relatives friends and inlaws who found they can livework well togetherCentral organizing principle is kinshipEnables society to reproduce itself socially from generation to generationMultifold principles of kinship dont have a stone written code of laws but rather a series of codes consistent enough to provide structure but open enough to be flexible Page 67 Juhoansi Living Groups 2 kinds of living groupsCamp coherent internal structurefairly large 1030 members economically selfsufficientClient group Black cattle postsunits of one or 2 families whose men world on the cattle sometimes larger of 30 ppl or smallerIn 1968 70 of Ju lived in camps and 30 in client groups Camps based on HG and client groups were always dependent on cattle herders for milk meat and grains Basic traditional Ju livin
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