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Chapter 9

chapter 9 text notes(DOP)

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Michael Brand

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Chapter 9: Text Readings (Notes) (From DOP) ANT200 Outline 1. Cultural historical interpretation 2. Processual interpretation 3. Post-processual 1. Cultural Historical Interpretation Asks why and how things happened in the past Analogs in CHI have a normative view of culture CHI emphasises chronology(time) and cultural change Models are diachronic findsdescribes changes in arch. record over time Internal cultural models describe mech. of change in a particular culture Inevitable variation views are that all cultures change over time not very good for interpretation(it is too simplistic) Cultural Invention: new ideas originate in a culture, whether devised or accidentally An invention has to be culturally accepted; in order for it to attribute to a particular place and time, it must be proved not to be the product of trade networks or other outer influences! www.notesolution.com
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