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Chapter 6

ANT205 Textbook Notes - Steadman Chapter 6

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Carolan Wood

ANT205 Introductionto Forensic Anthropology SteadmanCh6:MultiplePointsof Similarity (68) Is it a match? ◦ ◦ Ex. how many points in two fingerprints have to matchired for a positive identification ◦ Experience of the examiner a stronger element than a sufficient number of points ◦ Don’t need many points if examiner strongly feels that it is a match ◦ Tried to set minimum standards for ID ◦ Decided that each case is unique ◦ Will juries be convinced if ID is made only on one unique characteristic? (69) A Skull Is Found ◦ October ‘99 – local man found w/ skull embedded in mud at the bottom of a creek ◦ Male, b/w 30 – 45 ◦ Nasal bones had healed fractures and other bones were fractured/deformed as well ◦ Antemortem loss of dentition ◦ Profile released and woman came forward saying the man was a relative (70) Search and Recovery ◦ Steadman advised police on where postcranial remains could be ◦ Based on the environment and location of the creek ◦ Knowledge of process a decomposing body goes through ◦ Searched slope; head rolled, carried by water ◦ Started on the steep slope and moved upstream ◦ Postcranial remains found 300 feet upstream from original recovery site Skeletal Inventory, Preservation, and Procedures Inventory ◦ Present and relatively complete skeleton ◦ Several bones missing ◦ Skull dif color from postcranial ◦ indicates skull was in a dif soil matrix for some time ◦ Some soft tissue present ◦ type that forms when body decomposes in warm, moist environments Minimum Number of Individuals ◦ Have to make sure bones are from a single individual ◦ Area a known ‘dumping ground’ for bodies ◦ Homeless people camp and sometimes die there ◦ Reduce 200 bones to 98 uniquely identified ones ◦ In any indiv ◦ Of these 98, 74 were recovered in this case ◦ Calculate probability of getting 74 bones with no duplication (assuming it is 2 individuals) ◦ 18 trillion more likely to have been recovered if it was one individual, than if they were from two individuals (71) The Problem of Bias ◦ Many FA’s conduct “blind” anthro analysis ◦ Don’t want to know other investigators’ theories before they complete bio profile and perimortem trauma analysis ◦ Steadman did not accept dental records until she has written a preliminary report ◦ Knowing when to ask questions can be helpful ◦ FA’s need to decide when the appropriate time is to gain further information Anthropological Analysis of Identity Biological Profile ◦ Morphological observations indicate indiv of African American ancestry ◦ Long, narrow skull shape ◦ Slight prognathism ◦ Nasal guttering ◦ Rectangular orbits ◦ European ancestry cannot be ruled out ◦ 17 cranial measurements entered into computer ◦ Compared w/ different racial group samples ◦ Proba
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