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Chapter 1

ANT211H5 Chapter 1: The Animal with the Weirdest Sex Life

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Sherry Fukuzawa

NotesFromReadingCHAPTER1THEANIMALWITHTHEWEIRDESTSEXLIFEPGS126THE ANIMAL WITH THE WEIRDEST SEX LIFEMost mammals do not live as a nuclear family of a mated adult and adult female caring jointly for their offspringInstead in many mammal species both adult males and adult females are solitary at least during breeding season and meet only to copulate Hence males do not provide paternal care their sperm is their sole contribution to their offspring and to their temporary mateWithin such a herdprideetc each adult male shows no signs of recognizing specific infants as his offspring by devoting himself to them at the expense of other infants in the herd Among minority of adult male mammals that do offer their offspring paternal care areoPolygynous male bebras and gorillas with harems of femalesoMale gibbons paired off with females as solitary couplesoSaddleback tamarind monkeys of which two adult males are kept as a haren by one polyandrous adult female Sex in social mammals is generally carried out in publicoEx A female Barbary macaque in estrus copulates with every adult male in her troop and makes no effort to conceal each copulation from other males oEx An adult male and estrous female may go by themselves for a few days aka consortship for private sex But the same female chimpanzee that has private sex may also have public sex with other adult male chimpanzees within same estrus cycleAdult females of most species use varioius means of conspicuously advertising the brief period of their reproductive cycle when they are ovulating and can be fertilizedoVisual ie area around vagina turning bright red
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