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Chapter 2

ANT211H5 Chapter 2: The Battles of the Sexes

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Sherry Fukuzawa

Notes From ReadingCHAPTER 2 THE BATTLE OF THE SEXES PGS 2867The Battle of the Sexes Were exceptional animals in that our fathers and mothers often remain together after copulating and are both involved in rearing the result child But most fathers make some contribution to their children even if its just food or defense r land rightsMost male mammals have no involvement with either their offspring or their offsprings mother after inseminating her they are too busy seeking other females to inseminate Male animals in general not just male mammals provide much less parental care if any than do females However in some bird species such as phalaropes and Spotted Sandpipers its the male that does the work of incubating the eggs and rearing the chicks while the female goes in search of another male to inseminate her again and to rear her next clutch Many of the socalled choices actually are programmed into an animals anatomy and physiology oEx Female kangaroos have chosen to have a pouch that can accommodate their young but male kangaroos have not Most or all of the remaining choices are ones that would be anatomically possible for either sex but animals have programmed instinct that lead them to provide or not to provide parental care and this instinctive choice of behaviour can differ between sexes of the same speciesoEx Among parent birds both male and female albatrosses male but not female ostriches females but not males of most hummingbird species and no brush turkeys of either sex are instinctively programmed to bring food to their chick although both sexes of all of these species are physically and anatomically perfectly capable of doing soAnatomical structures and instinctsthat promote survival and reproductive success tend to become established genetically programmed by natural selection Natural selection operates initially on individual animals and plants Natural selection can also be a
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