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Chapter 3

ANT211H5 Chapter 3: Why Don't men breast-feed their babies? (PGS. 40-62)

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Sherry Fukuzawa

Notes From ReadingCHAPTER 3 WHY DONT MEN BREASTFEED THEIR BABIES THE NONEVOLUTION OF MALE LACTATION PGS 4062WHY DONT MEN BREASTFEED THEIR BABIES The NonEvolution of Male LactationMales lack the anatomical equipment the priming experience of pregnancy and the hormones necessary for lactation Female lactation is apparently a universal mammalian phenomenon not at all unique to humans Many female mammals including many women can produce milk without first being primed by pregnancy Many male mammals including some men undergo breast development and lactate when given the appropriate hormones Lactation lies within the physiological potential of men Evolutionary conflicts between males and females the importance of confidence in paternity or maternity differences in reproductive investment between the sexes and a species commitment to its biological inheritance Our sex is ultimately laid down by our genes which in humans are bundled together in each body cell in twentythree pairs of microscopic packages called chromosomes23 pairs in humansIn chromosome pairs 1 through 22 the two members of each pair appear identical when viewed rdthrough a microscope on the 23 pair is called the sex chromosome Many X chromosome genes specify traits unrelated to sex such as the ability to distinguish red and green colours The Y chromosome contains genes specifying the development of testes In the fifth week after fertilization human embryos of either sex develop a bipotential gonad that can become either a testis or an ovaryIf a Y chromosome is present that bethedging gonad begins to commit itself in the seventh week to becoming a testis but if there is no Y chromosome the goand waits until the thirteenth week to develop as an ovary Th
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