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J B Lester

Outcome of Scientific Method • Prediction is not confirmed • Major failure • Start over with a new experiment • Or make a major revision • Prediction is confirmed • Weak success • Might just be a coincidence • Make another prediction, test again Some things to note • If an explanation cannot make prediction that can be tested it is not science • Relies on logic: cause and effect • Use numbers: xxx km, not “big” • Whole process is public: published in journals, studied and tested independently • A theory is a well tested explanation not a wild idea but it can eventually fail Chapter 4: Motion and gravity (the experience we need) How do we describe motion? • Speed= change in position or location in some amount of time =m/s • Examples: walking speed – 1 m/s • Running speed – 10 m/s • Driving speed – 100 km/h • Earths orbits speed – 30 km/s = 108,000 km/h • Suns orbit speed – 250 km/s = 900000 km/h How do we describe motion • Velocity- this is not the same as speed • = change in (location + direction) in some amount of time • Units are m/s – same as speed – confusing • Example: driving 100 km/h west is not the same velocity as driving 100 km/h north although the speeds are not the same How do we describe motion • Acceleration = change in velocity in some amount of time = (m/s)/s = m/s^2 • Increasing speed is an acceleration • Decreasing speed is deceleration • Acceleration with a negative sign • Changing direction of motion at a constant speed is also an acceleration Example of Acceleration • D
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