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J B Lester

AST 201S - Stars and Galaxies University of Toronto Mississauga Chapter 3 Summary Essential Cosmic Evolution, 5 Edition th (NOTE: In Chapter 4 we will return to Chapter 3 and use a few more of the topics). 1. The concept of the scientific “model” - how we imagine or picture in our mind a distant astronomical object 2. Developed by Greek scientists more than 2000 years ago, based on logic and natural processes 3. Examples of astronomical models: • The geocentric model of the solar system developed by Ptolemy. • The heliocentric model of the solar system revived by Copernicus. 4. The scientific method • observe something that attracts our attention Example: the sudden appearance of a new star in a constellation • make up an explanation = model - a creative act. This is like being a detective Example: explain the new star in the constellation as being a faint star that exploded and became much brighter • use our experience from Earth (all our sciences) to fill in our model - this makes the mode
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