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Chapter 11

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Chapter 11- The Cell Cycle -Mitosis and cytokinesis is responsible for growth, wound repair and reproduction -Mitotic (M) Phase: Dividing phase of cells -Interphase: non-dividing phase. G ph1se, S (synthesis) phase- DNAsynthesis, G phase 2 -Key events of cell cycle are: 1. Replication of hereditary material in chromosomes 2. Partitioning of copied chromosomes to the two daughter cells during M phase. - Gap phases important because cells replicate organelles, manufacture additional cytoplasm, grow large enogh and synthesize enough organelles that its daughter cells will be normal in size and function. 11.2 How Does Mitosis Take Place? -Mitosis results in the division of replicated chromosomes and the formation of two daughter nuclei with identical chromosomes and genes. -Humans and potatoes have 46 chromosomes. -Eukaryotic chromosomes normally exist as long threadlike strands consisting of DNAassociated with globular proteins called histones. In eukaryotes the DNA-protein material is called chromatin. -Chromatid: each of the DNAcopies in the replicated chromosomes. Chromatids from same chromosome are sister chromatids. -Joined together along entire length as well as specialized region called centromere. -Sister chromatids represent exact copies of the same genetic info. Each contains one long DNAdouble helix.At start of M phase, then, each chromosome consists of 2 sister chromatids that are attached to each other at centromere. -During mitosis, sister chromatids separate to form independent chromosomes, one copy goes to each of the two daughter cells. -Sub-phases of mitosis: prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase (IPPMAT) Before Mitosis: Interphase After chromosome replication, each chromosome is composed of two sister chromatids. Centrosomes have replicated. MITOSIS: Sister chromatids separate; one chromosome copy goes to each daughter nucleus 4. Metaphase: 3. Prometaphase: Chromosomes 6. Telophase: The complete migration to 2. Prophase: Nucleolus middle of cell 5. Anaphase: Sister nuclear envelope Chromosomes disappears.Nuclear chromatids separate. re-forms, and the envelope breaks metaphase plate. spindle apparatus condense and Being pulled in Chromosomes are mitotic spindle down. Spindle fibres opposite directions by pulled to opposite disintegrates. begins to form contract poles of cell. chromosomes at kinetochore spindle fibres. kinetochore. 7. Cell division begins:Actin-myosin ring causes the plasma membrane to begin pinching in. CleavageCYTOKINESIS furrow 8. Cell division is complete: Two daughter cells form Mitotic spindle: Structure that produces mechanical forces that pull chromosomes into daughter cells during mitosis. Spindle fibers: groups of microtubules attach to the chromosomes Centrosome: microtubule organizing centre. Contains a pair of centrioles. Kinetochore: located at centromere region of chromosome. Spindle fibers attach. Centriole: Cylindrical structures that comprise microtubules, located inside animal centrosomes. -Kinetochore microtubules remain stationary during anaphase. Instead of sliding past each other as actin fibers do, microtubules shorten at the kinetochore because tubulin subunits are lost from the plus ends. As kinetochore microtubules shorten at the kinetochore, the chromosomes are pulled along. -As anaphase gets under way, proteins in the kinetochore catalyze the loss of tu
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