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Ecology Chapter 501 504505Ecology is the study of how organisms interact with their environment Ecologys primary goal is to understand the distribution and abundance of organisms Global climate change is having dramatic effects on species distributions and expanding human populations are causing the abundance of many species to crashIn ecology there are 4 levels looked at 1Organisms2Population3Community4EcosystemOrganismal Ecology Explores the morphological physiological and behavioural adaptations that allow individuals to live in a particular areaSockeye salmon Each female salmon produces thousands of eggs Only a few will survive to adulthood On average only 2 will return to the stream of their birth to breedPopulation Ecology Focus on how the numbers of individuals in a population change over timeCommunity Ecology Questions about the nature of the interaction between species and the consequences of those interactions Might concentrate on predation parasitism and competition or explore how groups of species respond to fires floods and other disturbancesCommunity Consists of species that interact with each other within a particular areaEcosystem Ecology Study how nutrients and energy move among organisms and through the surrounding atmosphere and soil or water Ecosystem ecologists are responsible for accessing the impact of pollution and increased temperature on the distribution and abundance of species Ecosystem consist of all the organisms in a particular region along with nonliving abiotic components Conservation biology is the effort to study preserve and restore threatened populations communities and ecosystems Ecologists study how interactions between organisms and their environments result in a particular species being found in a particular area at a particular population size Conservation biologists apply these data to preserve species and restore environments Canadian Research 501 Page 10921094Why are the tropics wet
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