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Chapter 6

Ch.6 plant adaptions to the environment

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Christoph Richter

Plant Adaptations to the Environment October-11-11 9:57 AM 6.8 Constraints imposed by the physical environmenthave resulted in a wide array of plant adaptations • Many features of the physical environment directly influence plant process are interdependent 6.9 Species of plants are adapted to different light environments • Plants live in two qualitatively different light environments.Light or shade ○ Shade: less photosyntheticenzyme rubisco, more chlorophyll, lower light saturation point and maximum rate of photosynthesis,lower leaf respiration • Specific leaf area (SLA) is the ratio of surface area to weight ○ Lower light conditions produces greater SLA, and thinner leaves • Shade-intolerant species are adapted to high-light environments ○ Dramaticallyreduced survival and growth rate in shaded conditions • Shade-tolerant species adapted to low-light environments ○ Little difference in survival and growth rates under sunlight and shade conditions ○ Limited rate of growth even in high-light environments 6.10 The link between water demand and temperature influences plant adaptions • Amount of water required increases with temperature • Leaf curing and wilting allows reduced water loss and heat gain, dropping leaves before drought season • C 4lants increase water-use efficiency in warm, dry environments,using mesophyll and bundle sheath cells • CAM plants open stomataat night • Decreaseof soil water -> increase carbon to roots 6.11 Plants vary in their response to environmentaltemperatures • The range of temperatureso
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