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Ch 1 The nature of ecology

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Christoph Richter

The Nature of Ecology October-08-11 7:03 PM 1.1 Ecologyis the scientific study of the relationships between organisms and their environment • Ernst Haeckel coined the term first • Haeckel used ideas of Darwin 1.2 Organisms interact with the environmentin the context of the ecosystem • Goal of all living organisms: to pass on their genes • Ecosystemis the environmentin which each organism carry out its struggle for existence ○ Biotic and abiotic • Organisms' interactions with the abiotic environmentalso modifies it, organisms become part of environment 1.3 Ecologysystems form a hierarchy • Population is a group of individuals of the same species in an area • Communityis populations interacting with other populations • Landscapes are formed by multiple ecosystemsin an area, with liked processes of exchange of energy and materials,and dispersal of organisms • Biomes are areas of similar types of ecosystems • Biosphere is everything on earth that supports life 1.4 Ecologistsstudy pattern and process at many levels • Individual discrete birth and death • Population continuous birth and death • Communityrelative abundance of species coexisting • Ecosystemflow of energy and nutrients through physical and biologi
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