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Chapter 1

Chapter 1-BIO210Y

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Rosa Da Silva

Chapter 1cutting openthe study of internal and external structures of the body and the physical Anatomyrelationships among body parts ex how a particular muscle attaches to the skeleton Physiology the study of how living organisms perform their vital functions ex how a muscle contracts Medical terminology special language that involves the use of word roots prefixes suffixes and combing forms to construct terms related to the body in health and diseaseEponym commemorative namesworldwide official standard of anatomical vocabularyInternational Anatomical Terminology TAGross anatomy macroscopic anatomy involves the examination of relatively large structures and features usually visible with the unaided eyeMany different forms of gross anatomy 1 Surface anatomythe study of general form and superficial markings 2 Regional anatomy focuses on the anatomical organization of specific areas of the body such as the head neck or trunk 3 Systemic anatomystudy of the structure of organ systems 4 Developmental anatomy describes the changes in form that occur between conception and physical maturity anatomy and physiology are closely integrated all specific functions are performed by specific fuctions the study of early developmental processes during the first two months Embryology 5 Clinical anatomy a number of subspecialties important in clinical practiceMicroscopic anatomy deals with structures that cannot be seen without magnification thus the boundaries of microscopic anatomy are established by the limits of the equipment used Two major subdivisions 1 Cytology the analysis of the internal structure of individual cells simplest units of life 2 Histology examination of tissues groups of specialized cells and cell products that work together to perform specific functions tissues form to combine organsHuman physiology is the study of the functions of the human bodyThere are more specialties in physiology
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