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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Rosa Da Silva

Chapter 3 pgs 6672 cell theory 1 cells are building blocks of all plants and animals 2 all cells come from the division of preexisting cells 3 cells are the smallest units that perform all vital psychological functions 4 each cell maintains homeostasis at the cellular levelCytology the study of cellular structure and functionCell biology discipline which incorporates aspects of biology chemistry and physics the human body contains two classes of cells 1 sex cells germ cells or reproductive cells are either the sperm of males or the oocytes of femalesfusion of the two at fertilization is the first step in the creation of a new individual 2 somatic cellsinclude all the other cells in the human bodyExtracellular fluid all body fluids other than that contained within cells Interstitial fluid the fluid in the tissues that fills the spaces between the cellsplasma membrane separates the cell contents or cytoplasm from the extracellular fluidthe cytoplasm can be divided into the 1 cytosola liquid and 2 intracellular structures collectively known as or
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