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Jessica Hawthorn

BIO211Praveen Srirangan ANOMALOCARIS abnormal shrimp y Is an extinct genus of anomalcaridid which are closely related to the arthropods y The first super predator y Aquatic y Lived in the DevonianBRANCHIOSTAMAy Small vaguely eel or snakelike animals are close relatives of vertebrates y they do not have a true headwith a skull capsule eyes nose a welldeveloped brain etc but merely a mouth adjacent to the gillslits with the slightly enlarged anterior end of the dorsal nerve cord above and in front of them y Aquatic y Lived in CambrianDevonianPIKAIA y Pikaia is a primitive creature without welldefined head and less than 2 inches 5 centimetres long which swam in the midCambrian seas and is close to the ancestor of all backboned animals vertebrates y Consists of tentacles and no jaw y Aquatic y CambrianASTRASPIS y is an extinct genus of primitive jawless fish yThey are supposed to have had a mobile tail covered with small protective platesy Aquatic y OrdovicianERIPTYCHUS yis a genus of armoured fossil jawless vertebrates y Jawless vertebrate y Aquatic y OrdovicianARANDASPIS y Is an extinct species of jawless fish y Oldest known vertrabrate y Aquatic y OrdovicianSACABAMBASPIS y had a head shield made from a large upper dorsal plate that rose to a slight ridge in the midline and a deep curved lower ventral plate y jawless fish y aquatic y Ordovician
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