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Latin Bases and their Meanings.docx

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Daniel Thornton

Latin Base Meaning In English 1. AC[U]-, (acus) sharp, sour, needle 2. ACIN-, (acinus) grapes in a cluster 3. ADIP-, (adeps) fat 4. AG-, ACT- to do, to drive, to act 5. AL-, (ala) wing 6. ALB-, (albus) white 7. ALVEOL-, [alveolus] cavity, hollow 8. AMBUL- to walk 9. ANNUL-, (annulus) ring 10. ANS-, (ansa) jug handle, loop 11. APIC-, (apex) tip, summit, apex 12. AQU(A)-, (aqua) water 13. ARBOR-, (arbor) tree 14. ARC(U)-, (arcus) bow, arch 15. ARE-, (area) space 16. ARGENT-, (argentum) silver 17. ARTICUL-, (articulus) joint 18. ATRI-, [atrium] entrance hall, room 19. AUD-, AUDIT- to hear 20. AUR-, (auris) ear 21. AX-, [axis] axis 22. BARB-, [barba] beard 23. BI-, BIN- two, twice 24. BIL-, [bilis] bile 25. BRACTE-, [bractea] thin plate 26. BREV-, (brevis) short 27. BUCC-, (bucca) cheek, mouth 28. BULL-, (bulla) bubble, blister 29. BULLI- to boil 30. BURS-, [bursa] bag, pouch 31. CAD- (-CID-), CAS- to fall, befall 32. CAL- to be warm 33. CALC-, (calx) limestone, pebble, calcium 34. CALC-, CLACANE- [calx; calcaneus] heel 35. CALCAR-, (calcar) spur 36. CALL-, (callus) hard skin 37. CAMER-, (camera) chamber 38. CAN- white, gray 39. CAN-, (canis) dog 40. CAND- to be glowing white 41. CAP- (-CIP-), CAPT- (-CEPT-) to take, to seize 42. CAPILL-, (capillus) hair 43. CAPIT- (-CIPIT-), (caput) head 44. CAPS-, (capsa) box 45. CAR[N]-, (caro) flesh 46. CARIN-, (carina) keel 47. CAUD-, (cauda) tail 48. CAUL-, (caulis) stem, stalk 49. CAV-, (cavus) hollow 50. CED-, CESS- to go, to yield 51. CENT- hundred, hundredth 52. CER-, (cera) wax 53. CEREBR-, (cerebrum) brain 54. CERN-, CRET-, CRE- to separate, to distinguish, to secrete 55. CERVIC-, [cervix] neck 56. CID-, CIS- to cut, to kill 57. CILI-, (cilium) eyelid, eyelash 58. CING-, CINCT- to bind, to gird 59. CLAV- key, collarbone 60. CLAV-, [clava] club 61. CLIN- [= KLIN- IN GREEK] to slope, to lean 62. CLIV-, (clivus) slope 63. CLUD-, CLUS-, CLOS- to close, to shut 64. COCT- to cook, to boil 65. COL- to inhabitat 66. COLL-, (collum) neck 67. CORD-, (cor) heart 68. CORI-, (corium) skin 69. CORN(U)-, (cornu) horn 70. COROLL-, (corolla) little crown 71. CORON-, (corona) crown 72. CORP-, CORPUS, CORPOR, [corpus] body 73. CORTIC-, CORT-, (cortex) bark, outer layer 74. COST-, (costa) rib 75. COX-, [coxa] hip, hip joint 76. CRE-, CRESC-, CRET- to grow 77. CREN- notch 78. CREPIT- to creak, to crackle 79. CRIST-, (crista) crest 80. CRUC-, (crux) cross 81. CRUR-, (crus) leg 82. CUB-, CUMB-, CUBIT- to lie 83. CUNE-, (cuneus) wedge 84. CUR(R)-, CURS- to run, to go 85. CUSPID-, (cuspis) point 86. CUT-, (cutis) skin 87. CUT-, CUSS- to shake, to strike 88. DEC-, DECIM- tenth 89. DECEM- ten 90. DENT-, (dens) tooth 91. DEXTR-, (dexter) righthand 92. DIGIT-, (digitus) finger, toe 93. DOL- to feel pain, to cause pain 94. DORM-, DORMIT- to sleep 95. DORS-, (dorsum) back 96. DU-, (duo) two 97. DUC-, DUCT- to lead, to draw 98. DUR-, (durus) hard, dura mater 99. EBURN-, (ebur, eburnus) ivory 100. EGO- i 101. ENS-, (ensis) sword 102. EQU-, (equus) horse 103. ERR- to wander, to deviate 104. FA-, FAT- to speak 105. FAC- (-FIC-), FACT- (-FECT-) to do, to make 106. FACI- [-FICI-], (facies) face, surface 107. FALC-, (falx) sickle 108. FASCI-, (fascia) band 109. FAV- honeycomb 110. FEBR-, (febris) fever 111. FEC-, (feces) excrement, sediment112. FENESTR-, (fenestra) window, opening 113. FER- to bear, to carry, to produce 114. FERR-, (ferrum) iron 115. FET- (FOET-), (fetus) offspring, fetus 116. FIBR-, (fibra) fiber 117. FIBUL-, [fibula] clasp, outer bone of the leg 118. FID-, FISS- to split 119. FIL-, (filum) thread 120. FLA-, FLAT- to blow 121. FLAGELL-, (flagellum) whip, whip-like appendage 122. FLAV-, (flavus) yellow 123. FLEX-, FLECT- to bend 124. FLOCC-, (floccus) tuft (as of wool) 125. FLOR-, (flos) flower 126. FLU-, FLUX- to flow 127. FLUVI-, (fluvius) river 128. FOLI-, (folium) leaf 129. FOLL-, (follis) bag 130. FOR- to bore, to pierce 131. FORMIC-, (formica) ant 132. FORNIC-, (fornix) arch 133. FOSS-, (fossa) ditch, trench, to dig 134. FOVE-, (fovea) pit 135. FRANG- (-FRING-), FRAG-, FRACT- to break, to bend 136. FREN-, [frenum] rein, bridle 137. FRONT- forehead, front 138. FRUG-, FRUCT-, (frux) fruit 139. FRUTIC- shrub 140. FUG-
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