CLA204H5 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Etiology

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7 Feb 2016
Chapter 1 Textbook Notes
Key Terms
Divine Myth:
Sometimes called “True myths” or “myths proper”.
These are stories involving supernatural beings as the main actors in the story.
These stories generally are used the explain how to the world came about or
why some aspect of the world is the way that it is.
Think of Hades being the God of the underworld, Zeus being the God of
Thunder, and Poseidon being the God of The Sea.
Stories took place in a dierent time or world order.
Useless to tell time divine myth took place because it would be well before
human chronology has meaning.
Conflicts usually take place on an immense scale ranging from whole continents,
overseas and high mountains.
Sometimes the supernatural characters are closer to personified abstractions
than to clearly defined personalites.
E.g. Niké referring to “victory” is just an abstract concept.
Dierence between myths and religion is that:
Myths are traditional stories.
Religion is belief and involves some form of action that originates from the
Tells stories of the great deeds done by HUMAN heroes and heroines.
Heroes are perceived to be superior than ordinary people.
Better looking, stronger, more powerful & wise, etc.
E.g. Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, etc.
Narrate the events of the past.
Is derived from the Latin word “legend”, which means “things that should be
Originally this referred to morally uplifting stories about Christian saints.
Very important to remember that the heroes and heroines are humans.
Stories take place in distant past.
Sometimes placed into this category if the story is neither a Divine Myth or a
Main characters are ordinary men, women, children rather than being of high
prestige like royalty.
Main goal is to entertain or teach a moral lesson on how we as humans should
be behave with the use of patterns of behaviour.
E.g. Cinderella, Lion King, Beauty and The Beast, etc.
Like in legends, the main characters are humans or ordinary, but gods and
spirits may be present and play important roles in the story.
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