New Media Textbook Reading: Chapter 1 pg 1-13

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Communication, Culture and Technology
Nathan Innocente

CCT – Ch 1 Reading pg. 1-13 Introduction to NewMedia Interactive – the characteristics of digital information results in a particular type of communication Why New Media? Ask “what’s new for society about the new media” rather than “what are the new media?” 3 C’s to define new media 1. Computing and information technology 2. Communications networks 3. Content and digitized media, arising out of another process (a fourth C), convergence Convergence media can be seen as combining the 3 C’s. Convergence – the process by which media technologies, industries and services are merging – through changes in computing, communication networks and content. It refers to the interlinking of computing and IT, communication networks and media content. New media can also thought as digital media. Digital media – forms of media content that combine and integrate data, text, sound and images, all stored in a digital format. Characteristics of digital media a) Manipulable: digital information easily changeable + adaptable, at all stages of creation, storage, delivery and use b) Networkable: d.i. easily shared and exchanged between large # of users simultaneously and across long distances c) Dense: large amounts of d.i. stored in small physical spaces (memory stick) or on network servers d) Compressible: the amount of capacity that
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