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Communication, Culture and Technology
Nathan Rambukkana

Hassan 1 Azfar Hassan Professor Natahan Rambukana CCT 208 st June 1 2013 Article Review The article “The rise of blogging: Articulation as a dynamic of technological stabilization “ discuses the emergence of “weblog” in the new era. Although it has been there for years, but it has emerged into something different. This study takes on greater significance in light of the increasingly important role of blogs in helping to conceptualize the emergence and development of new media. Mixed-methods research is the method being used in this article. This kind of research consists of two or more methods together. This type of method usually means that the information is obtained from the analysis of various data. This particular article used four different methods, which consisted of interviews, content analyses, archival analysis and artifact analyses of websites. SCOT theory (Social Construction of Technology) was also used by the author to identify relevant social groups for the sampling process. The interviews conducted in this article help to give the researcher more in-depth and personalized accounts from individuals associated with the topic of the study. Archival Research that is also a vital part of the methods used is about extracting evidence from old archival records and this method of research is an effective one. It helps to equip the researcher with enough background information in order to move further along with the study and ease into integrating more qualitative methods of research such as interviews. And Hassan 2 finally, content and archival analysis helps to draw links and provide explanations for certain findings that the researcher might not have yet come across. Archival research was the first method used. A group of users who had „weblogs‟ were studied from several diff
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