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Communication, Culture and Technology
Divya Maharajh

Chapter 4 Literature review: a systematic examination of previously published studies on a research question, issue or method that a researcher undertakes and integrates together to prepare for conducting a study or to bring together and summarize the “state of the field”. This is based on the assumption that knowledge accumulates and that people learn from and build on what others have done. Where to find research literature • Periodicals: newspapers, magazines, tv/radio broadcasts, and internet are not complete reports of research required to prepare a literature review because they’re just condensed summaries and lack details. Textbooks and encyclopedia’s lack it too. o Scholarly journals: these are filled with peer-reviewed reports of research. Some are specialized. Citations are needed in journals, which are details of the journal article’s location to help people find it quickly. Most journals have abstracts, which are short summaries on the first page of the article or grouped together at the beginning of the issue. • Formats for citing literature vary, with the internal citation format of using an author’s last name and date of publication in parentheses being very popular. • ASR style (American sociological review) – Cooke, Martin. 2009. “A Welfare Trap? The Duration and Dynamics of Social Assistance Use Among Lon
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