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Chapter 8

CCT225H5 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Data Mining, Data Mart, Data Warehouse

Communication, Culture and Technology
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Gordon Lucas

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Chapter 8 Accessing Data
Accessing Organizational Information
Applebees uses info from data warehouse to increase sales and cut costs
Make business decisions based on customers regional needs
Base labor budgets on actual number of guests served per hour
Develop promotional sale item analysis to help avoid losses from overstocking or
understocking inventory
Determine theoretical and actual costs of food and use of ingredients
History of Data Warehousing
In the 1990s, organizations needed more timely info about their business
o Traditional information systems too cumbersome to provide relevant data
efficiently and quickly
Take data from multiple platforms/technologies (spreadsheets, databases, word
files) and place them in a common location that uses a common querying tool
Data warehouse is not a location for all of a businesss information, but rather a
location for information that is interesting, or information that will assist decision
makers in making strategic decisions relative to the organizations overall mission
Data Warehouse Fundamentals
Data warehouse logical collection of information gathered from many
different operational databases that supports business analysis activities and
decision-making tasks
o Primary purpose: aggregate info throughout organization into a single
repository so that employees can make decisions and undertake business
analysis activities
Extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) a process that extracts
information from internal and external databases, transforms the information
using a common set of enterprise definitions, and loads the information into a
data warehouse
o Data warehouse sends subsets of the info to data marts
Data mart contains a subset of data warehouse information
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