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Communication, Culture and Technology
Shanta Nathwani

CHAPTER 4 – PERFECTION Basically each thing, environment, person, event has its own idea of perfection. In business world, their idea of perfection is an individual’s adherence to professionalism. There is a set standard of accomplishment and failure in the real world. On the Web failure is acceptable. Let’s say you type in something in a search engine and you have to go through a list of 14 links to find the perfect one for you. That means this is a failure 13 times before you get the right one. In the real world, you will receive public humiliation. Pg 77 ->It is acceptable because we understand that we’re asking a search engine to do the impossible: on the basis of a few words, sort through a couple of billion of pages to find precisely the ones we want and don’t take longer than two seconds to do it. If you have slow connection, your tolerance for unsatisfactory results goes down; but if your connection is good, you can tolerate looking through many more wrong answers. Pg 79 -> the imperfection of the Web isn’t a temporary lapse; it’s a design decision. It flows directly from the fact that the Web is unmanaged and uncontrolled so that it can grow rapidly and host innovations of every sort. The designers weighed perfection against growth and creativity, and perfection lost. The Web is broken on purpose. Pg 79 -> software is the closest thing we have to perfection. It does exactly that the programmer tells it to do. World of programs is predictable and knowable and controllable. Pg 82 -> the Wed is profoundly permission-free and management-free. The Web is a mess. The Web encompasses a far wider set of human interests
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